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Our mission is to bring messages of Hope, Love and Healing through various media projects and live events that entertain, inspire and uplift us as individuals, families, communities and world.

About Us

RainbowLight Creations endeavors to provide awareness, inspiration, upliftment and tools through media entertainment that assists people in their search to understand themselves and the world around them, so they may live richer, wiser and more fulfilling lives.  
As a company, RainbowLight Creations expresses itself by creating projects with integrity, respect and love for all things.

Upcoming Events

RainbowLight Creations is dedicated to bringing forth wisdom and knowledge that expands awareness and opens doorways to passions and new opportunities through lectures, seminars, workshops and special events for anyone who is on the path of consciously creating themselves, as well as working together to create a better world.

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"Walking the Spiritual Path" 
Live Streaming Talk Show

Coming soon!

As we prepare a talk show to serve anyone walking their spiritual path amidst a changing world, we invite you to write in your questions and topics of interest for conversation.  
This show is for You!

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"As we move towards creating a world of peace and harmony, we must first create peace and harmony within ourselves."

~Amy LaLicata

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